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‚ÄčIn 1984, during the violent years of the Lebanese War (1982-1990) some of the church elders at the Brotherhood Church began thinking about having a Christian Bookshop in Lebanon.  It seemed impossible at that time: Who would provide the starting-up money? Who would run it? Would people come to a little shop run by a church?  In faith, the elders began praying about the idea of starting a bookshop – and the Lord answered! 

Our 8 metre-square shop proudly opened its doors in 1987, and it looked like a dream come true!  It was in a part of the church garden, and the church allowed us to store extra books inside the main building.  When visitors started coming, and continued to come, we knew that the thoughts of the church elders had indeed been honoured by God.  Within a few years, as our shipments grew bigger, we knew with great joy that we had to think and pray bigger.  We had outgrown our little warehouse and so many people of all ages were attracted to our well stocked, but crowded shop, that we needed to act quickly to continue to take the many exciting opportunities we were receiving to serve the Kingdom.

Today our new evangelical Bookshop occupies 25 square metres and there’s still no shortage of people coming to buy scriptures.  Our customers come from all walks of life and from most denominations. By now the Bookshop has the use of two large rooms for storage in that same church building!  

Thousands of spiritual books and many thousands of Bibles, including Armenian Scriptures, have gone out of the doors of our Bookshop since we first opened our doors in the midst of a war.  Whatever the circumstances, we want to continue providing all people with the Scriptures they want.  So we are again thinking and praying bigger.  In fact, we want to go higher! Yes, it’s time for a second floor!  This will be another huge step of faith, but we are praying, because we know that our Lord is a faithful sustainer of our faith and has commanded us to share His holy Word with all people.